National-scale mapping is available on the webmaps below. But please note that coastal erosion events reflect chaotic processes and operate at a small spatial scale, so these national-scale maps cannot be used to inform detailed property-level assessments.

They are intended as a broad planning tool, which make necessary assumptions about our future climate and management actions, which might differ in the future.


All the key results - a good place to start exploring the evidence.

Basic Webmap

Screenshot of the basic webmap


Additional data is included within the webmap, adding further context to the above the basic map.

Advanced Webmap

Screenshot of the advanced webmap

Compare your Future Coasts

Compare coastal erosion for your High or Low Emissions future on our interactive maps


Webmaps Image

Coast X-Ray

Our satellite data based intertidal mapping tool, to complement the Dynamic Coast analysis.

Coast X-Ray

Screenshot of the Coast X-Ray outputs

Coastal Erosion Disadvantage

View coastal erosion disadvantage mapping showing social vulnerability to coastal erosion.

Coastal Erosion Disadvantage Webmap

Screenshot of the advanced webmap