There is growing international recognition that some of the early obvious effects of climate change will be through increased erosion and flood impacts on the coastline. Governments and organisations around the world are undertaking risk assessments to inform new, flexible adaptive approaches to better manage these growing risks.

Coastal erosion is a cross cutting issue affecting many interests and a coordinated approach to align effort across sectors is essential.

The Dynamic Coast project aims to provide the strategic evidence base on the extent of coastal erosion in Scotland by:

  1. Improving the evidence on coastal change

  2. Improving the awareness of coastal change

  3. Supporting decision-makers to ensure Scotland’s coast and assets can adapt to our future climate.

The National Overview report summaries the project and additional reports can be found on the reports page.


The Dynamic Coast project is funded by the Scottish Government, Centre of Expertise for Waters, NatureScot, and the St Andrews Links Trust.

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The Dynamic Coast project was undertaken by the School of Geographical & Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

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